Toaster Ovens Vs. Range Ovens

Ovens are a common cooking utility found in most every kitchen in every home. They bake food efficiently and make preparing meals easier. There are different types of ovens. However, the two primary types of ovens are toaster ovens and range ovens. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Toaster ovens are small, compartmental sized ovens that sit on a counter top. They are usually ideal for cooking for two people or less. However, you can even purchase larger models of these that are suitable for more. Toaster ovens are great because they use little space and are easy to clean. Perhaps their biggest advantage, however, is that toaster ovens do not use near as much electric power as do range ovens. Toaster ovens will keep your electricity bill lower than traditional range ovens. However, the largest disadvantage to toaster ovens is that they cannot cook near as much as range ovens. They don’t have half as much space in them as do range ovens.

Range ovens, on the other hand, are large and sit on the floor. In addition, to their oven, they also have ranges on the top of them for preparing meals in skillets and pots as well. That is obviously the biggest advantage that range ovens have over toaster ovens. In addition, they have a much higher cooking load capacity as well. They can fit much more inside them than toaster ovens. Yet, the downside to range ovens is that they are so large and consume much space, which isn’t good for an already cramped kitchen. Plus, they are much easier to burn yourself on than are toaster ovens. Perhaps their biggest disadvantage, though, is that they are much more expensive to operate than toaster ovens. Range ovens will cause you to have a higher electricity bill than will toaster ovens.

Those are the major differences between toaster ovens and range ovens. They both have their pros and cons. Determining which one is right for you depends upon many factors. The best toaster ovens are more ideal for a couple or an individual. Range ovens are certainly more ideal for a family. However, if you’re a family looking for the most economical route, you could use a combination of the two. You could use the stovetop to cook quick items in pots, pans, and skillets and limit yourself to using the toaster oven for baking. You electricity bill will be a lot cheaper by employing this technique.

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