Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

MA manual meat grinder is also an option. However, they are only able to process a small quantity of meat. They can be mounted on your counter-top for easier use. Some people complain that manual meat grinders are too much of a hassle, because they can only grind about two to three pounds of meat a minute. Operated by a crank, these can grind any kind of meat two ways: fine or course.

More and more, electric meat grinders are becoming the choice for every kitchen, because it is easier to use. It’s also more practical, as you’ll be able to grind the hassles. Most electric grinders are equipped with three different cutting plates, which give the user more control over the texture of the food. These grinders require a food pusher to push the meat down the chute while grinding. The best meat grinder is usually equipped with a reverse function as well. This lets you unclog your grinder without a hassle. However, if you want one of these machines, you’ll have to be prepared to say goodbye to a hundred to a hundred fifty dollars.

If you’ve been looking for an electric meat grinder, you’re in luck. In this article, you’ll find a review of the best electric grinders you can find. Whatever your purpose is, you’ll be able to find your ideal grinder.

Some people need an electric grinder that can do everything and tend to the basic needs. For this purpose, two big names stood out: Villaware and Waring. If you’re looking for something with a lot of horsepower, VillaWare is the brand for you, seek more information on VillaWare at It’ll set you back roughly $140. It comes with two separate cutting plates made of die cast, the feed screw operates perfectly. It is also very easy to use, as it has a reverse function. This solves any jamming problems in a snap.

For those who want something that can look good on their kitchen counter-tops, Waring is the brand to choose. The Waring Pro MG-800 Professional Meat Grinder will set you back about $160. The entire body is cast in brushed stainless steel, giving in a very modern feel. The powerful 450-watt motor is powerful enough for most jobs. You’ll be able to use this machine for lean, homemade hamburgers. You could even make your own sausages at home, with your special spice mix. The durability of this electric meat grinder ensures that you’ll be using it time and time again.

Meat grinders are appliances that are used for grinding raw meats such as beef, fish, chicken, turkey, and so on and have been used in place of the mincing knife which requires a lot of hand carving and cutting. Meat grinders grind meat by passing it threw a screw conveyer slices and mixes the meat into small pieces and then is minced into even small pieces by a blade and screen with holes at the end. The size of the pieces depends on the size of the holes in the screen and can be adjusted to the size that you require. When the entire process is complete and all of the meat has gone through the meat grinder, you’ll have processed meat that is ready for packaging and storing.

About Meat Grinders

Meat grinders come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. There are many different types of meat grinders including electric meat grinders, commercial meat grinders, manual meat grinders, and more which all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Electric grinders can process meat much more quickly than manual grinders because you don’t have to crank the grinder by hand. Manual electric grinders, though less costly than the others, require more work on your part and can be somewhat tiresome. They do allow you to have full control over the grinding process which may be necessary when grinding certain food items. Commercial meat grinders are capable of processing large quantities of meat in shorter periods of time, but typically are the most expensive.

Business such as meat shops, restaurants, and grocery stores have a need for meat grinders because that is an activity of the business that they are in. Because restaurants serve food, they will have to either purchase ground meat from a supplier or they can grind their own meat for any menu items that require it. When considering the cost of purchasing it from a supplier, they may find that it will be cheaper to purchase their own meat grinder and process the meat on their own. It really depends on the size of the restaurant, and the number of menu items that require ground meat.

Meat shops process a lot of meat and require high power processing equipment because it is used on a daily basis. Meat shops consequently have to go with the commercial style grinders and processors because they need equipment that is powerful and built to last.

Many have taken on the job of grinding their own meat and are buying meat grinders for doing the work at home. The reason for this growing trend is the fact that most people want to know what is being put into their meat during processing so the easiest way to monitor this is to simply process the meat themselves. This way guarantees that they are getting exactly what they want.

Meat grinders are the perfect solution for all your processing needs and if you’ve got a job to do, chances are there is a grinder that is just right for your situation. Take some time to familiarize yourself with each kind so you know exactly what you are looking for when you do make that purchase.

Top 3 Reasons For Purchasing The Electric Meat Grinder

The electric meat grinder is changing the way that meat processing is done these days because it is making it easier for consumers to perform this task on their own at home. Here are some reasons why might want to purchase your own meat grinders.

1. Cost Savings

The electric meat grinder can save you a lot of money because it gives you the capability of performing the meat processing task on your own. You no longer have to rely on a professional to perform this service for you. Because of the tough economic times, money saving is becoming more critical than every since many are trying to get a handle on their spending to make funds available for more important things like food and medical supplies.

2. Convenience

Being able to perform the meat processing step from your own home is more convenient because you don’t have to go to a meat shop to have it done for you. The other plus side to this is that you will have the meat ready and in your freezer in a much quicker time frame whereas if you were to bring it to a professional, it would probably take weeks for your product to be ready.

3. Self Sufficiency

When you’re able to do something on your own without relying on the services of others, then you get a feeling of being more self sufficient because you are able to fend for yourself just fine. You no longer have to count on someone else being able to perform the meat processing task for you.

Electric meat grinders are available in a number of different colors and styles that you can purchase for your home. If you would like to become more self sufficient and be able to perform your own meat processing tasks, then you might consider getting one for yourself.

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